Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 12 Reaction

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    1. It’s actually one of those things that is only a question because the nature of heroic spirits is explained in the very first route, so it’s kind of assumed you know the basics at this point.

      Also, I love all the talk about if Kirei is a master and “what are the rules” because it’s also something that ultimately makes perfect sense…that I don’t think is ever actually covered in the anime lol

  1. This show came out after zero. They did the shows in a different order then the light novels so they assume that you guys already know saber is king Arthur thats why they don’t out right say anything that transfers over from zero. So you guys don’t have to pretend you didn’t see zero the creators expect you to have seen zero first

    1. Kinda but not really. What it really is that the arc contains information which you’re expected to have seen in the first fate route, which is stuff like the king arthur, kotomine and kiritsugu stuff

      1. yeah, but still a lot of things you don’t know like how Kiri and Kirei were masters in the previous war.

        The assumed knowledge is that you fought alongside Seiba through the grail war once already and reached her ending, and now you’re doing things drastically different. A lot of things from Zero aren’t assumed knowledges here.

      2. I mean what makes it complicated is that fate/stay night isn’t even a Light Novel – it’s a Visual Novel, with three separate routes.

        That’s why Saber’s identity is assumed knowledge, and Rider dies before we learn hers. It’s all covered in the other two routes.

        It doesn’t help that a lot of the mechanical explanation for the HGW is given in the first “Fate” route starring Saber. There’s no decent anime adaption of that, so you’re stuck reading the VN.

  2. Still don’t see why you guys couldn’t look up ‘Ireland’s child of light’ but I’m really loving how into it everyone has gotten. The major problem with the fate franchise is how many things are explained in other media. Some of it makes sense to do, like further backgrounds of characters like Lancer or Caster (Caster focus when?!) but other stuff like Lancer’s history AFTER being summoned or how the stuff between routes means the series can be hard to digest, so I’m happy that they have come to terms with not figuring everything out. I also love Eric’s approach to the holy grail wars themselves

    Now to wait until they figure out who Beserker is. heheheh

  3. Shiro know that the big fire destroying the city is a result of the previous holy grail war. As it is the way Kirei used to convince him to participate in the holy grail war the first time they met.

  4. BTW the ending song is the first opening of the original 2006 Fate/Stay Night series made by Studio Deen. Its neat how they made an homage to that here.

  5. the song at the end of this episode is my favorite song from the entire series. it’s one of those songs that just captures the feeling conveyed by the characters at the end of this episode. this battling sense of hope and despair. knowing the fight isn’t over but seeing how things are bleak.

  6. Rule Breaker just negates magic. It doesn’t necessarily “break all rules” but it can break magical contracts.

    The thing about the Holy Grail War is that even though it has rules, those rules can be broken. The idea is that seven mages summon seven heroic spirits, the spirits fight to the death, and the winner claims the grail. It seems fairly simple. But in both Zero and UBW, people broke the rules, and it got complicated. Now we have a servant with two servants of her own, one of which was stolen from a master who is still alive. And then she attacked the Overseer and claimed neutral territory as her own, and she’s planning to try to summon the grail early without defeating the rest of the servants. Caster’s shattered all the rules of the Holy Grail War.