Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 13 Reaction

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  1. i’m so excited! you guys are finally getting to the second half of unlimited blade works. it really picks up from here. can’t wait to see you guys react to what happens next.

  2. guardians are basically warriors sent throughout time to many different points in order to stop events or kill people that would bring the downfall of humanity. they’re heroic spirits but their purpose isn’t necessarily to fight in the grail war. it’s pretty much implying that Archer is a guardian and that he has been all over time.

    1. basically this, heroic spirits don’t have to be summoned by the grail and these ones are summoned by alaya “aka” the collective will of humanity. a small lore lesson is that the earth is actually alive and what people live in is the earths reality marble and alaya is a split personality that gaia developed when humanities collective will became too strong. part of the reason ea that gilgimesh uses is so strong is that it is made from materials not from earth and has the aspect of truth and the red light it gives off is not actually energy but a glimpse of the real sky outside of gaia’s reality marble.

  3. I never noticed the pendant thing in my first watch through so I’m not really sure what it is but I don’t think its to do with Archer & more Sakura cause she’s always at Shirou’s. Again I never noticed it or remember it coming back again.

    1. In episode 0 after Rin saves Shirou, Archer gives the pendant to her claiming to have gone back to the school to get it. Meanwhile, in episode 1 after Shirou wakes up, after Rin saved him, he finds the pendant beside him and takes it home to keep. So for some reason there are two pendants, which is why Rin looked so confused.

  4. I love listening to them debate how everything works. I know the truth, but it’s great to hear how close they get in some ways and yet are completely wrong in others.