Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 14 Reaction

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  1. Hercule’s ability is never explained, but it gives him immunity to certain noble phantasms. Basically, you have to hit him with a certain rank of noble phantasm, the rest gets explained later.

    Also, Illya is German so her maids are also German.

    Also it’s really annoying how many small things are answered in the fate route that you take you for granted.

  2. The main problem watching UBW is that it really follows the first route of the visual novel more than it follows Zero. Like you said though, they made the UBW adaptation after Zero, so i made sense to have it be released as a sequel.
    A lot of the things you’re wondering about are explained and explored more in other routes, which is why i really hope you will consider waching the 3 “Heaven’s Feel” movies. They follow the route of the same name, namely the third and final route of the original visual novel.
    Also, if you thought this show and Zero looked so good it could be a movie, imagine what Ufotable animation looks like when it’s actually a movie 😀

      1. No, not legally and if you intend on doing do so illegally, then this is not the forum to ask such things. Check elsewhere or shell out for the BDs.

    1. Well, the thing is, Fate/Zero is not only a spin-off (meaning it was a passion project made by a different creator), it wasn’t even suppose to be apart of the universe. However, Natsu liked it so much that he incorporated it as canon — whilst helping Gen to fill in certain plot elements to fit into his universe.

      Its not because it was ‘made’ after it, its completely based into a different universe. If anything, it was actually inspired by the Heaven’s Feel route — as Gen (the author) explained. Once he finished the VN, he started his passion project. That’s the reason(s) why.

  3. After this is all over, I would kill for you all to react to the Unlimited Blade Works Abridged parody youtube series. It is freaking hilarious and on-going.

  4. That is exactly right, Not Spoilers since it’s never explained here, but the summoning of servants works like this:

    If the summoning ritual is performed without a relic, the servant summoned is always one who best-fits, personality-wise, with the Master.

    If a relic is used then its connection to a specific hero overrides the summon and you get the servant you want.

  5. I love UBW but it’s problematic not just that information is omitted (which is more unfortunate than bad), but frankly it breaks it’s own rules enough to make it hard to tell the difference between cool story rule breaking and animation studio wanted to do a thing rule breaking. Which makes an already confusing series and makes it even more so. It still ends up a good show but god I hate it when they do that. The latter is basically the entirety of Apocrypha and that series made me forsake all subsequent entries in the franchise.

    1. Basically that the story of UBW assumed that you’ve already seen what the rule is like in the Fate route before breaking it.

      Problem is, those guys haven’t seen what the proper rule is like. Every Master in Zero fucks up the rules already.

  6. Gilgamesh obtained true incarnation at the end of F/Zero that’s why he is still here walking around. In my understanding he has the body of a human but can still use his powers aka gate of babylon.

  7. Here’s a summary:
    “Heracles’ Noble Phantasm is God Hand, which represents the immortality he received after death thanks to completing the Twelve Labours. With this ability, God Hand turns one’s body into a tough suit of armour and nullifies all attacks Ranked B or lower, regardless of the type or power of the attack. It also has the effect of automatic resurrection after death. Because the resurrection effect has 11 uses, Heracles cannot perish unless killed 12 times.”