Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 15 Reaction

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  1. Remember that at the end of Fate/Zero the Einsburn elder was upset with Kiritsugu for failing, and he never let Kiritsugu return to the Einsburn estate. Ilya never knew of this, and she grew resentment for her father. and she wanted to take it out on Shirou.

  2. Gilgamesh is NOT a servant in this grail war. he is merely posing as one. in the last grail war, he essentially won. the grail reincarnated his flesh. he is not a heroic spirit, he is an actual person and his powers came with him.

  3. the animation, voice acting, sound design, and scoring are all second to none in this show. it’s truly one of my favorites of all time and i hope many people share that opinion and hold this show in high regard.

  4. Hercules is more important in the other two routes. However his fight with Gilgamesh is legendary. Also the castle where Illya was raised and the castle she is in now are different castles.

    Also it’s important to know Gilgamesh only has the origins of all treasures. So he’d have the first plane, but not later planes. He might have the first proper Jet, but probably not later ones. He also doesn’t have anything with godly origin, such as something given by the gods. So he might have Hercule’s Arrows and lionskin, since they are made from monsters, but he wouldn’t have zeus’ lighting bolt or excalibur, which were made by godly figures. He basically has anything HUMANITY created

    Also can’t wait to see them hate Shinji EVEN MORE.

  5. It’s such a bummer, under different circumstances, Berserker might have actually been able to hang with Gil for a bit. Unfortunately, the moment Gil saw he was protecting Illya he exploited it. ?

  6. I so want to explain the Einzbern goal with the grail war and what they meant by a thousand years ago, but if you happen to do the Heaven’s Feel movies I do not want to spoil anything.

  7. I LOVED this reaction – This is my favorite episode in UBW, the tragedy in this episode is a call back to Zero and I absolutely love it.

    Great reaction guys!

  8. kinda like servants gods are given form and power based on the peoples belief in them. as people stopped believing in them they lose power until they stop existing entirely.