Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 17 Reaction

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  1. A, watching people try and figure out Irish is fun. Cu Chulainn is probably Ireland’s most famous hero, although only globally. Locally Fionn (Diarmuid’s King) has an equal amount of recognition. The dude is a beast. Up there with the likes of Achilles (a historical battle would have Cu destroy Achilles, though Fate is much more even in that battle) as a warrior.

    The reason why there’s so many Irish heroes is because Nasu (the writer of Fate) love Celtic Mythos. As he should. It’s fucking cool.

  2. Being a Guardian is much worse than just seeing humanity at its worst. They go into it later so I won’t spoil it. I just hope the Dub does it justice. This is a key point to Archer’s whole character and motivation. I would hate for a poor translation to lessen the impact.

  3. Regarding Archer’s arm, they don’t mention it in the anime so it’s not a spoiler, in the Visual Novel it’s revealed that Caster gave Archer a “health potion” for him to use when needed. It essentially heals all wounds and he uses it after his fight with Lancer. It’s why he is 100% in the next scene, but they gloss over it in this anime.

  4. I am so sensitive to characters like Archer. His story is even more tragic than that of Vash the Stampede. I easily find tears welling up for both of them.