Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 18 Reaction

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  1. Okay, they don’t go into this in the Anime so it’s not a spoiler.

    Every Magus has an Elemental Affinity and an Origin.

    The Affinity normally dictates what kind of elements they can manipulate through magecraft. For example, Rin has an affinity for all of the normal elements, water, fire, ether, etc, This makes her an “Average One”; an extremely coveted type of mage that can essentially use ANY type of magecraft.

    The origin is the concept that defines a person’s existence, it influences your life and personality to varying degrees. Being awoken to your Origin, being made aware of it, is extremely dangerous since KNOWING what your origin is amplifies its effects on you. Those awakened to their Origin tend to become more and more an embodiment of that origin, even if they do not wish to be.

    As it turns out, Shirou is a rare individual who has a matching Affinity and Origin. His Affinity is non-standard: Sword and his Origin is also “Sword”.

    This prevents him from being able to use most “standard” magecraft, but opens up the possibility of being extremely specialized and distorts his mind enough that he forms a Reality Marble.

    Shirou from a conceptual level IS a sword. He views himself as a weapon made to save others and not so much a person. It is why he is incapable of placing his own safety and happiness above anothers. This is where the phrase “I am the bone of my sword” comes from.

    The rest of his aria is basically a poem that reflects his own self-image.

    1. Also since they don’t really state it in the anime, the more Shirou utilizes his projection magic, the more his appearance will change. Hence the change in his hair color and complexion.

  2. It’s not really brought up in the anime, but Archer is from another timeline where the Archer in his war was someone else. So he never met his future self, and we don’t know if Shirou will now follow a different path after meeting Archer, or if he’s destined to make the same choices and end up the same way.

  3. The class abilities for the main seven Servant classes tend to be;
    Magic Resistance (reduce/nullify effectiveness of Magecraft) – Sabers, Lancers
    Independent Action (allows actions independent of a master) – Archers
    Riding (lets them ride animals and vehicles with ease e.g. Saber with her bike in Zero) – Riders, Sabers
    Territory Creation (build beneficial terrain or territory e.g. Caster’s temple in F/SN) – Casters
    Item Construction (manufacturing of magical items) – Casters
    Presence Concealment (hide ones presence) – Assassins
    Madness Enhancement (trade sanity for greater strength) – Berserkers