Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 20 Reaction

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  1. it’s kinda funny that the themes they are talking about of just saving one person then he will save himself is the theme of heavens feel and is suppose to be the end of the trilogy of routes.

  2. Incoming text wall:

    It’s not really delved into in the anime adaptations, but the fire was much more traumatic than they make it out to be here. Shirou is left wondering through the fire suffering horrific burns and breathing toxic fumes, he is forced to walk past people that were being burned alive and begging him for help. Its described that every time Shirou felt like he is about to succumb to the pain and injuries, he sacrifices a part of his persona to continue just a little longer. Finally, he has nothing left to sacrifice and collapses.

    So when Kiritsugu finds him, Shirou is suffering fatal injuries and almost all of his mind/personality is gone. He’s a blank slate and upon seeing the happiness Kiritsugu is feeling is so enthralled by the idea of feeling the same thing that he dedicates his life to replicating it.

    That is why Archer says his ideals are fake. Shirou’s mind is distorted. He literally has no self-preservation instinct and is driven completely by the need to achieve the same happiness Kiritsugu felt in that moment. Since it was happiness stemmed from saving someone that becomes his life’s goal. Save EVERYONE at all times. He’s not saving people because it the right thing to do or because he even WANTS to. He does it because that is what he is. Shirou Emiya saves people. It’s simply a fact of his existence. He has no choice in it.

    That is what Rin means when she says he is broken. She hopes to fix him enough that he starts to care about his own happiness even just a little bit. This is also why Archer wants to end himself so badly. He is damned to face an eternity of killing some to save the many. For a person whose whole existence dictates that he has to save EVERYONE, being forced to kill others is torture and eventually breaks his mind.

    1. Not to mention the influence of Avalon itself – he took on a lot of its nature when it was implanted in him.

      [Fate route spoilers]

      That said, I think in the Fate route it’s mentioned that he *could* remember his life before the fire if he wanted to, but he can’t because he feels guilty for ignoring and not helping others during the fire, which also contributes to his help others while disregarding himself mentality. He then decides not to remember afterwards for other reasons iirc – something to do with putting Kirei and Gilgamesh’s living child corpse batteries ™ to rest.

  3. And there goes Cu Chulainn, Dying to a thousand blades entering his body slowly and STILL standing up to save Rin. Best Lancer without a doubt. I SO want them to make a fate adaptation where he gets his fight animated, because the poor dude just wanted a fight

  4. i think that Aaron says something very clever just after the end of the episode. and i can’t wait to see how you guys react to the ending.

  5. Cu Chulainn is basically Irish Hercules, his death involved him using his intestines to tie himself up so he could keep fighting while mortally wounded, and this was AFTER he was tricked into breaking his Geass that empowered him.

    Kirei died because he just straight up underestimated the tenacity of heroic spirits.