Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 21 Reaction

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    1. if you subbed then cancelled immediately to only get 1 month of early access then it stops working. It has to do with the patreon API and there’s no way around that, thus nothing blindwave can do about it. You can resub (for free) then unlock the content, just remember to unsub before the monthly charge hits your account in 4 weeks. I know this from experience lol.

  1. As an FYI, no prior Grail War has ever reached its conclusion, something always happens to mess everything up.

    This is also the 5th Grail war, Fate/Zero was the 4th War.

    As for the sacrifices for Gilgamesh, I believe it was stated somewhere that Kirei was actually feeding the Orphans from the fire at the end of Zero to sustain Gilgamesh. The only reason Shirou survived is because Kiritsugu adopted him.

    1. the heavens feel movies should be watched first since the 3rd comes out in a few weeks after that they could watch apocrypha or perhaps babylonia since they seem to be big fans of gilgamesh

  2. I dont really care what anyone thinks about this but i think they should watch all 3 routes since they seem kinda miffed that this rider and sakura got no screen time at all…. Yes of course stay night cant really stand up to the rest quality wise its still good if your a fan of the nasuverse world and lore…