Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 22 Reaction

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  1. Fun fact: The original Visual Novel was an “Adults Only” VN. The ritual that Shirou and Rin had to perform to pass her mana to him was a Tantric Ritual. They do not do a great job explaining it here. They make Rin all flustered and embarrassed, but then just make it a “I will share my crest with you” thing. In the VN they “do the deed” and during the “fun” Rin simply gives Shirou a huge influx of mana that he stores for later use.

    They don’t share this info in this anime so it’s not a spoiler, but it’s important to understand for a scene in the “Sunny Day” alternate ending if you guys end up watching it.

  2. The guy doing the high jumps was Shirou. I don’t know if it comes up again in this series but it’s a bigger deal in the Heaven’s Feel movies if you watch those later.

    It’s not inaccurate to say that doing High Jumps is Shirou’s ‘best move’.