Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 23 Reaction

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          1. He doesn’t do anything to her in this route tho does he? Makes the scene of her smiling looking after him in hospital next episode awful if he did.

  1. It gets even more complicated than that. For lack of a better term, all the servants have multiple personality disorder, taking on different aspects of their legends depending on the class they’re summoned in.

    As an example, you were talking about Bluebeard from the last war. He can be summoned as Saber which is his aspect of the loyal knight following Joan of Arc or as Caster which is the depraved sorcerer he is rumoured to have become in the grief of her death.

    Gilgamesh is another example. The version you’ve seen in Zero and UBW is an Archer, during his reign as King which he eventually left to go on a search for immortality. He can also be summoned as Caster who is from when he returns from his journey. Seeing the desolation that befell Babylon in his absence, he became more caring of his people and took on the aspect of ‘Wise King’.

  2. Just you wait till check out some of the other heroic spirits from some of the other series, especially if you ever decide to get into the game Fate/Grand Order

  3. Looking forward to you guys watching Fate Apocrypha. You should definitely watch that next as it takes all the concepts introduced in this series and zero and scales them up to full scale war. It even adds fictional characters from history that I’m sure you’ll be excited for.

  4. If you watch the part with assasin ‘s final attack and after you will see that his sword guard/hilt is bent and damaged at the end hence why there is a larger physical gap in between strikes that saber took by ducking to her right and striking assassin in the opening he left.