Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 24 Reaction

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  1. Gilgamesh could of alway have one if it was caster Gil shiro would have died instantly Gil lost due to his arrogance so I say new universe this time Gil kills shiro that’s it done

  2. “It’s not always about the love interest”…
    Trust me, when it comes to VN, it’s always about the love interest. And yes, Sakura totally got ditched out off the story hard in this route…

  3. The Zero vs Stay/Night start point debate was originally Zero vs the 2006 Stay/Night series which was released before Zero. Then UBW came out way later and most original S/N fans adapted UBW as their favourite adaptation and kept preaching it as the first/only one to watch, despite UBW being made to be watched with Zero in mind already, like Zero somewhat was with the 2006 S/N. If the original poll was Zero vs 2006 Stay Night it probably would’ve been more of a 50/50.

    1. lets be real no one likes the 2006 version and nobody recommends it in this day and age unless your the most die hard of fans. the 2006 version had actually been on the poll already but nobody voted for it cause nobody wanted their introduction to the series to be that far inferior version.

    2. The funny thing is that watch order really dosnt meter (at least much), what meters is if you have person that would explain everything from the VN lol

  4. There is an epilogue next episode, but there is also a pseudo episode called “Sunny Day” which is an alternate ending for the series. If you keep the original Visual Novel in mind, this would be the “True Ending”, but Sunny Day is the “Good End” which you only get in the VN if you make certain decisions at key points in the story.

    About Archer, He is a Counter Guardian, he is sent by the Counter Force only when it is judged that humanity can’t stop a calamity. In Zero, the Holy Grail had not actually activated. It had not started actualizing its curses yet when Kiritsugu had Saber destroy it. So no guardian was not deployed.

    In this war, the Grail was actively in motion and starting to destroy the world. Archer was eliminated as a servant but then deployed as a guardian to destroy the grail if Shirou, Rin, and Saber had failed.

    1. Wasn’t it said that Archer dematerialised at the last moment somehow, then survived by eating the souls of small woodland creatures in the forest?

      1. Yes, this person is wrong. As stated by the VN, VN Material and Nasu himself, the Emiya Archer actually faked his death, turning into Spirit(ron) Form last moment (he was the first to sense Gil’s GoB attack coming cus of his Minds Eye personal skill due to overwhelming experience). As Gil was also destructed by the party and fire he just ignored everything else like Gil always does, and Archer was able to flee to the forest.
        The reason why he is able to stay until the night ends is cus he was summoned as Archer Class. As even Emiya Archer himself says the Archer Class has Class Skill Independent Action which can sustain the Servant with mana and allow to act without Master for a while (how long depends on Rank of specific Heroic Spirit\Servant). Emiya Archer has Independent Action of rank B, meaning he is able to act without a Master for around 2 days.
        It was stated by Nasu that it was actually Emiya Archer that Projected Rho Aias first time to save Shirou in the moment when Shirou chanted his own version of UBW Reality Marble and Gil attacked him with GoB. Shirou saw that Rho Aias, recorded him in the UBW and as we see used his version of Rho Aias later.
        Emiya Archer actually had so little mana left (last mana he used to free Rin from Grail & Mud) that he had to physically craft the arrow for killing Gilgamesh before hand (to make sure), which he uses later as see in the episode and VN.
        The end of the episode is where Independent Action effect is worn of and he finally truly disappears.

        Counter Guardians have no free will, they summoned only AFTER disasters not before them, they are final defense of the Alaya (Counter Force). They sometimes destroy everything in sight with the targets as well.
        Emiya Archer doesn’t wear his Red Shroud as a Counter Guardian, he wears the Gray Cloak (Archer explains his position on that in F/HA VN).

  5. I believe it’s left ambiguous how Archer is at the final battle. I personally believe Alaya (the Counter Force for humanity’s extinction) sensed the danger of Gilgamesh’s plan, and sent a Guardian who was now ready for reassignment: Archer.

    1. Also for Zero i think the reason for no guardians was because the guardians only get sent to world ending events or something like that, zero only affected a town of around 500 people but Gil was planning on taking out the whole world which is why Archer got sent

    2. Yeah, it is ambiguous even in the VN itself kinda. But the true answer from Kinoko Nasu is “faked death, turn in Spiritron Form, crafted Physical Arrow to Kill Gil, sustained himself due to Independent Action (of B rank) Archer Class Skill, Projected first Rho Aias to save Shirou and finally Kill Gil later with physical arrow”.

  6. I’m one of the few I guess, who watched Unlimited Bladeworks first (I was just exposed to it first). This episode was the first reference to King Arthur that I recall in the series. I remember being pleasantly surprised.

  7. Counter Guardians only appear when they’re needed, so if you don’t see them in a situation, assume that the people involved (in f/z’s case Kiritsigu) can handle it without the help

  8. Just for some routes infos, only 3: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel. Meant to be played in that order though Ufotable hasn’t done a Fate route so slight problem, and yes each route features a main heroine though that’s not exactly the whole purpose of each route. For Heaven’s feel you’ll find out which heroine that features when you end up watching it one day.

  9. It is unfortunate ufotable didn’t do the Fate route first, but if y’all are curious, I do think the 2006 Fate/Stay Night is still worth a watch. Heck, it would be neat if you check out Fate/Apocrypha next if your looking for a more action focus series.

  10. I love every fate adaptation including the og which has more rider i hope you guys watch it someday, and i cant wait for you to watch the heavens feel movies which have way more sakura. ^_^

  11. I love how Gilgamesh hesitates for a moment when he summons Ea, as if he can’t believe he’s actually being forced to use it, and that’s what gives Shiro a chance to cut off his arm. His arrogance and pride ultimately costs him the battle.

  12. Still sad that the next fate series Fate: Apocrypha (as released on netflix) wasnt on the patrion poll… You gotta watch it. Full scale war expanding on the grail war concepts… and the Astolfo memes.

  13. Now imagine how Archer couldve mopped the floor with Gil. Gil was smart to take him out at a cheap, but oppertune moment.

    Also, small details, but when Gil and Shirou clashed swords, Gil strikes like 3 or so times. Each strike was animated with a different sword. But Shirou always had the same one as Gil, kind of alluding how out of his league Gil was trying to outpace Shirou.

  14. Archer actually faked his death and held out in spiritual form until now. People think it was Counter Guardian Archer, but that’s not possible for about three reasons:

    1. Counter Guardians have no free will and destroy everything in sight.

    2. They’re summoned after the disaster, not during it.

    3. Archer doesn’t wear his red shroud as a Counter Guardian, he wears the gray cloak.

    This Archer just had the foresight due to his overwhelming experience.

  15. Archer actually wasn’t resummoned. If he had been he wouldn’t have been so disheveled. He had survived Gil’s attack by dematerializing. He hid in the forest around the Einzbern castle, ate creatures and used his Archer status to his full extent to save up enough mana for one more arrow.

  16. As visually cool as the fight is, the Gilgamesh/Shirou battle is completely wrong from the original visual novel. The entire point of bringing Gilgamesh into Unlimited Blade Works was to shut down Gate of Babylon entirely. In the novel Gilgamesh can’t fire ANY swords because the second the portal opens UBW counter-fires to close it. Gil is only able to summon weapons directly to his hand, and so the entire fight was hand-to-hand and Shirou’s internal monologue was that if he stepped out of range even once, Gilgamesh would be able to recover and open up so many portals he’d be overwhelmed. That’s why he mocks Gil for not being a warrior, because any other Servant would just kick Shirou’s ass in hand-to-hand, but Gil’s not good enough to beat him without weapon spam.