Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works OVA Reaction

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  1. Thank u for watching this and pls at some point watch the other fates like apocropha and grand order I’m sure u will love then but although I am sad to see u finish fate I’m exited to see u watch re:zero your first isiki and one of the best of all time

    1. The problem with the original fate adaptation isn’t just the animation (which for the time, was still pretty bad). It’s that the plot is an amalgamation of multiple routes, so it’s not even a decent adaptation of the source material writing-wise either.

  2. So some things…

    The ending song is actually from the VN, it was a nice addition.

    Supporting a servant as a familiar takes a MASSIVE amount of mana without a Grail to take the burden. For a Magus like Rin it takes about 3/4 of her mana to support Saber. The thing they did not really go into was HOW Shirou would be supporting Rin….The best way for one Magus to transfer large amounts of mana to another is through S E X. She is implying Shirou would need to give her a “boost” every so often.

    In the VN its more implied that he would be helping give Saber mana more “directly”. They essentially end up in a 3-Way relationship.

    Saber comes to realization that going back in time to stop herself from pulling the sword out of the stone cannot undo the suffering her people went through and the sacrifices her knights made for her. That all already happened. Going back in time may create a new timeline, but doing that essentially means that all their suffering was pointless and had no meaning. Which is why Iskandar was so offended by it. He knows that Saber’s people suffered FOR her, and she should simply be grateful and not trample on that by trying to undo their choices.

    She ultimately realizes that she tried her best and even if she failed to reach her goal in the end, what mattered most is that she TRIED. She is allowed to take pride in that and is no longer crushed by the guilt that she failed to save her kingdom in the end.

  3. Shirou’s reaction to the eggs is because he was just going on autopilot and made three eggs instead of just the one he would make for himself. So he realizes he made eggs for Saber and Rin too, which then reminds him that Saber is (supposedly) gone.