Fate/Zero 05 Reaction

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  1. Assassin is based Hassan-i-Sabbah, who founded an order of assassins in Iran. That’s why his power is that he can manifest as multiple assassins.

    1. he is one of many masters of the order of Hassan that can be summoned. the myth is that the master assassin of the order was immortal. the truth was that “Hassan” was a title passed on from master to master.

      each master had to perfect a certain ability to be acknowledged and chosen as the master of the order. this Hassan had the ability to split his mind into multiple personas, each a master of a certain skill. as a servant, this manifests as him having multiple bodies.

    2. In the videogames, they introduce multiple Hassans, who each inherited the Hassan name when they led the order. The one Kirei summoned wouldn’t be the first one, but “Hassan of a Hundres Faces”, an assassin with 100 personalities. For this Hassan’s Noble Phantasm, each personality manifests as another Assassin.

      I don’t know if the game lore is different, but that’s how it is there. The founder is a completely different assassin, and he’s WAY more powerful than Hundred Faces.

  2. Just to clarify on the earlier conversation you guys had, you CAN summon a servant without a relic. It’s just that doing it this way means you don’t know who the servant will be and its power is entirely dependant on your own strength as a mage. Only a powerful mage can summon a powerful servant without a relic.