Fate/Zero 06 Reaction

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  1. To clarify, the “You need a Servant to defeat a Servant” line wasn’t literal. A human CAN kill a servant, but it would be incredibly difficult as they’re essentially superhuman with ungodly physical abilities, highly advanced magecraft, or both.

    For scale, you remember the talk about servants having “parameters” earlier right? Well there are actually official stats for each servant, ranging from E as the lowest, up to A, and then EX as the highest. Caster, or as you introduced him, Gille de Rais, has a strength of D and Endurance of E. Even though this is low for a Servant, it still fat surpasses the average human.

    As a final note, feel free to look up who Gille is since out of everyone you guys know so far I imagine you wouldn’t know much about the guy.

  2. You guys are following things remarkably well considering how incredibly difficult this series can be to understand without supplemental material. Obviously not 100% but a lot of people grasp like a tenth of what you guys have at this point and not for being stupid lol.

  3. When Caster called himself Giles, it’s referring to Gilles De Rais, who was a companion in arms of Joan of Arc, who later in life was accused of dabbling with the occult, and was found guilty of raping and murdering approximately 140 children.

    There however has always been a lot of argument over whether or not he actually committed the murders, because the Duke of Brittany, who was acting as prosecutor, received all the titles to Rais’ former lands after his conviction. The Duke then divided the land among his own nobles.

  4. Love these reactions! It’s just so fun to see you guy trying to figure out the complexities of these characters and this world while knowing how it’s going to turn out