Fate/Zero 19 Reaction

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  1. Just a correction, I think you are thinking of Hollywood process of animation Eric. In Hollywood productions, they usually instruct their voice actors record multiple versions of each of their lines and the director/animators choose which suit the scene.

    They at least have a rough to finished animation ready before the voice actors dub it . The storyboard contains cues, beats and time frame for every “cut” as a guide for key animators. The key animators visualize and time themselves saying the lines for the scenes they draw to lift burden on the sound department so there’s no back and forth from animation to dubbing since they work in a strict deadline.

    Japanese voice actors have a strict discipline where they have scripts containing the timing and length for each of their lines. They usually work as a whole cast and they are expected to have mastered their lines going in the studio. With the supervision of the sound director, producers, director and production assistants, a scene will be played and all of the cast in the booth will perform their lines “live” as the scene plays.

    The animation process in Japan does not work like that. Dubbing is the one of the last things they do in producing an episode. For an IDEAL anime episode, the production is linear and not back and forth.

    Director makes story board> animators draw keyframes > sound & voice acting

    CGI, Inbetweens, and coloring can come before or after the voice acting. but IDEALLY, they should be almost finished before voice over

    In productions where teams get behind schedule, voices are done even if the animation process is finished and there are only story boards to base upon. This causes further delays and problems in production which further cripples the process.

    Also, if one of the cast fails to deliver the quality the director wants, they are left behind and have to repeat it by themselves. For their discipline, that shouldn’t happen because it takes up the time of the director which oversees everything and that might stall the production even further.

  2. Either you released this too early or you just forgot to release full length. I would appreciate if you uploaded full length as it’s what I watch and subscribe for.

  3. Didn’t expect them to pick up on it, but him shooting down the plane was foreshadowed all the way from episode 1, when Kirei was reading a report about Kiritsugu that said he once took out an entire jetliner just because his target was on it, to give the impression of how ruthless Kiritsugu is with his targets, no matter how many innocents get in the way, but now we get to see the truth behind that fact.