Fate/Zero 22 Reaction

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  1. Rick asks a great question about why the Einzberns don’t just use the grail themselves since they’re the ones making it. Its more complicated than this but basically, if they attempted to realize a magic on this level on their own the mage association and church would wipe them out for similar reasons to why they exterminate dead apostles. The grail war is effectively the red tape required to permit the grail’s creation at all, by ensuring its absurd power isn’t monopolized. I do also believe the Matou family (though known as the Makiri’s at the time, not important but someone may want to correct me for some reason) and Tohsaka family’s had to assist in the creation of the grail, the Einzbern’s only provide the vessel, but my memory on that is vague.

    1. Uh no, the Mage Association is NOT the reason for that. The Einzberns needed the Cooperation of all 3 Families to create the magic ritual, so they couldn’t do it by themselves. Most importantly, the location of the Ritual takes place in Fuyuki, which is owned by the Tohsaka family… so the Einzbern would be trying to do a big ritual within another Mage family’s territory… which they need permission/cooperation for.
      It was said the Mage Association could not get directly involved with the Holy Grail War because they would have biased agendas, being Mages themselves, so the Holy Church are the ones to step in as the neutral party arbiter.

      Einzbern = Made the Holy Grail system, allows for the summoning of Heroic Spirits.
      Matou = Made the Servant Class system + Command Spells, creating the formal framework for Master-Servant pairs.
      Tohsaka = Owners of the land, the Mage family in charge of all supernatural events within Fuyuki.

      That’s incidentally why Tokiomi was so pissed by Ryunosuke + Caster going on a serial killer murder spree, it was happening under his watch, on his property.

  2. Only six servants need to be killed to make a wish. The seventh is for opening a path to the Root, which is a far greater task than simply granting a wish. If Kiritsugu wins, for example, then the grail will have enough power to grant both his and Saber’s wishes if she is the last Servant standing but he would have to kill Saber to open a path to the Root if that was what he wanted (which it isn’t) as six servants isn’t enough to accomplish that.