Fate/Zero 24 Reaction

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  1. An additional thing to consider about the ship question: The minimum number of people required to repopulate the earth without having too much genetic overlap has been researched and while different studies have had disagreed on the results, it is usually around 500 people. The moment Kiritsugu began killing he doomed humanity

  2. You guys forgot that if Kiritsugu doesn’t get his wish Illya will become the next vessel of the grail. The scene where he shoots her is symbolic of him leaving her to that fate to save the world from his wish.

  3. The questions you guys are asking are all valid. Unfortunately you wont know them until you do some research on fate. Somethings they just dont tell you. Which is just a little criticism of fate/zero. They assume you know

  4. Gilgamesh was still around because he is in Archer class. Remember Tokiomi complains summoning Gilgamesh as an Archer class? Archer has high skill of Indipendent action allowing to move freely from the master s will . He dosent need the mana source to move for a while. High ranked noble phantasm like Gilgamesh eats lots of mana so he cant stay as long as other Archer but he could move for pretty while without master.

  5. Saber have high magic resist and command seals are magic based so he used 2 command seals so she had no option what so ever to do what he wanted

    1. I thought it was more that you use 1 to force them to do something they wouldn’t normally do, and two for something the complete opposite of what their beliefs and virtues would lead them to do. Like 1 seal would be like a 90 degree turn, not too much with their morals still in sight, but two seals would be a complete 180 and thus 1 seal would be resisted for such a command. I think this applies for all Servants, not just Sabers, or even Artoria in particular.

  6. Gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed to see Calvin misremembering things and building further assumptions from those misunderstandings. I’ll just say that Tokiomi never once stated he wanted Immortality, he believed the Holy Grail will literally allow him to reach the Root directly.

    1. Another misunderstanding: it was stated in Episode 1 that the Holy Grail War was devised by the 3 Families working together: Makiri (AKA Matou), Tohsaka, Einzbern. Waver looked through the library to find out about this ritual before flying to Japan to participate. It was a ton of lore-dump so it could’ve been forgotten, but it’s been discussed in previous reactions.
      There was no fighting & killing, that happened (After) the ritual was created.

  7. The guys are watching the Heaven’s Feel movies now. I just realized this is a good episode to go back to to understand what TF Kirei is doing in Heaven’s Feel.