Fate/Zero 25 Reaction

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  1. I don’t know if Blindwave reads the comments here but I just wanted to clear up that while Zero is a prequel, the UBW ANIME came out later.

    These are both adaptions, not originals.

    Original order: Fate/Stay Night (VN) –> Fate/Zero (prequel – novel)

    Anime order: Fate/Zero –> Fate/UBW

    As to why they animated them backwards, who knows, Fate’s history is a confusing one.

    1. I mean, it’s probably adapted out of order because Studio DEEN had already done both the Fate Route and UBW before Ufotable’s Zero. The adaptation order then would be:
      DEEN/Stay Night (2006) -> DEEN/Stay Night: UBW (2010) -> UFO’s Fate/Zero (2012) -> UFO’s Fate/UBW (2014) -> UFO’s Fate/HF1 (2017) -> UFO’s Fate/HF2 (2019) -> UFO’s Fate/HF3 (2020)