Fruits Basket 2×14 Reaction

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  1. Kana & Hatori were just engaged, they never actually got married (thanks to Akito) & she was he’s asistant not a nurse. I think Kyo is also probably feeling down because of the whole conference thing coming up as like you pointed out he dosn’t really believe he’s got a future. Kagura is actually 3 years older than Kyo (in the manga Yuki asks her about college when she sees him coming out of he’s mother’s house). Don’t worry the manga ended years ago & the reboot has promised that the show will be cover the whole story this time. Also I know it’s a few episodes away but just a warning for episode 18 & 21 as there’s a lot of phyical & mental abuse towards young children.

  2. The manga is a bit old so its completely finished! And it was also confirmed that the anime would stick to the manga and so it should have the same ending as well!

  3. Not sure you noticed but Kyo was in bamboo that look like a prison and he is reaching for the sun. Then at the end Tohru is in the light in a field of sunflowers reaching down.

    Of the entire story is done and this a very close adaptation of the manga. Oh and the final season is starting April.