Fruits Basket 2×21 Reaction

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  1. My supposition is that since Akito is the family head and effectively GOD, what he says and does goes. The servants and, inner family in general, are fully aware what is going on, but they just don’t care. Akito’s word is law!

    Pretty much since the beginning (and starting with Hatori’s first big episode) this family has been shown to have some really twisted morals. At that point in the story, Akito could abuse Yuki in front of his parents, and they wouldn’t do a damn thing about it.

  2. During the beach trip, Akito waa shown saying the rat spirit was made to always beat the cat spirit and even if that wasn’t originally true it’s tottally in line with how the curse seems to work that just by Akito saying it, in the flashback, made it become true.

    Tohru mentioned during a sleep over in season 1 that she met “the boy with the hat” after running away from bullies.

    1. The Rat’s spirit is the most gifted supposedly, in this episodes I think they mention how the Rat considered to be a good omen but I watched it Sub and the localization of Dub always have issues, and I think everyone knows about the fate of the cat’s spirit I mean it seems like it’s a tradition to lock them up so yeh not saying that the other Spirits are a-holes but they are very numb and insensitive to the matter. Also Ren’s named dropped for the first time in the beach Ark and she’s shown when Tohru tries to visit kureno her speech pattern similar to Akito’s as well as her hands gestures but she have purple nail polish on her hands and feet XD

  3. I know that Kyo has a lot of trauma, but something I will never understand is how he can say that he had nobody growing up when he had Kazuma as an adoptive father and in the flashback scenes you always see some of the other Zodiac members, especially Haru, as his friends.