Fruits Basket 2×9 Reaction

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  1. What’s cool about this whole beach arc is Yuki and Kyo coming to a lot of realizations. Some are sad but i think some of these realizations are pushing them forward too. For example with Kyo.. Akito was trying to make it seem like Tohru is actually a “monster” just like him but he defended her and then he admitted that he loved her (even though it was in his head). I think he’s known that he loved her for a while but it took Akito bad mouthing her for him to admit it. Lot’s of change is happening and will continue to happen which is super exciting to see. Also great discussion!!

  2. If you think this is the worst part, we haven’t even cracked the surface. This was tremendous growth for Kyo to acknowledge his feelings for Tohru. Kyo had to protect Tohru. It’s no telling what Akito would’ve done if Kyo admitted his love for Tohru.

  3. I almost had to laugh at Akito’s little conversation with Yuki at the end.

    Akito: “So Kyo says he hates Tohru. Do you think that’s true?”
    Yuki: *internally snickers* “Yeah… That tracks.”

    Now, I present the extended version:

    Akito: “So is it true that all of you really hate Tohru Honda?”
    Momiji: “Ja! I hate her so much that I would never want to have her hug me and cuddle me in my rabbit form! NIEN!”
    Haru: “Ah… Sure… Every time I see her, I just go full Black Haru.”
    Kisa: “I hate Onee-chan so much that I stay silent when I’m around her.”
    Hiro: “I don’t think she’s so… OUCH Haru-ni! WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!”