Fruits Basket 3×13 Reaction

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  1. Thank you so much Rick and Maggie for watching and reacting to Fruits Basket! This wonderful show deserves a lot more viewers!

    Small detail left out from the manga: Hanajima gets a job as a cook in the Master’s dojo. So she is definitely still gunning for him, but there is no mention if he ever reciprocates. Hehe.

  2. So since the show is over and you probably won’t ever get the context but hana and kazuma weren’t together romantically. I think at the end of the series she got a job at his dojo/house as a sort of house keeper.

  3. Oh there is a side story coming out detailing Tohru’s parents meeting. It was left out since it was very controversial. If you thought Uo-chan and Kazuma or Shigure and Akito were touchy. Kyoko and Katsuya not very acceptable now a day. But it was a major storyline in the manga.

  4. Oh and a little tibit about the English VA that most of them where in the first 2001 anime actually being there first job. The Japanese VA where all new since the manga creator hated the old 2001 show.

  5. Thank you so much for getting me into fruits basket it has become one of my top 5 anime I look forward to what you react to next but make sure we get Fruits basket on a poll so it can be in S tier as it should