Furious 7 Movie Reaction

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  1. That final scene still hits hard, I totally get what Eric’s saying about dumb and stupid… this movie had those moments, but overall I still loved this movie. 8 and 9 crossed that like and just kept sprinting passed.

  2. rhonda vs michelle BEST FIGHT IN THE SERIES! love it! could have better/clean camera work so you can really enjoy it but other than that no complaints. the movements were so cool!

  3. I love how Calvin keeps telling us how unrealistic stuff is, like fans hasn’t given up on things being realistic since Fast 4. Just enjoy the madness ✊?

  4. In Fast and Furious well its not wise to keep a bet to one movie in order to be right or wrong . So whom ever made a Bet maybe should extend it to seen all 9 films

  5. Dang I really liked this movie is so fun and funny with some good action
    All the Brian stuff was mixed in really well
    I’m a tad surprised you guys didn’t really like it
    I think it’s the 2nd best in the franchise besides 5 and 3