Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 1×5 Reaction

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  1. “What does the Major do in her off time?”

    So, you see, in the manga at least, Motoko has a side gig basically in lesbian prostitution. She is entirely artificial and has one of the most advanced tactile systems, so she has a greatly increased sense of touch, and ‘e-sex’, which is what she does, involves essentially connecting the sensory systems of the participants. It only works well within the same gender though, as the system trying to process nerve inputs from organs and body parts not shared among participants causes them to fire random nerves instead, which is painful.

    All the different GITS properties are disparate continuities and takes on the material though, so it’s not all 1:1 canon, but there are still broad stroke points retained. For SAC, she is tilted more towards lesbian proclivities but it isn’t ever explicitly shown like in the manga, though there are some inferrences she might be bisexual.