Ghostbusters: Afterlife Movie Reaction

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  1. Same dude complaining is the same guy that screams Naruto 2 a week on every vid, all cause his mom pays for his subscription so he can bitch in here XD

  2. This here is why I watch reactions. I’ve no particular connection to ghostbusters. They were films I saw maybe twice on tv when I was a kid. But getting to experience this through Aaron’s eyes brought tears to mine. What a lovely reaction, it was great to feel your joy coming through the screen and I’m glad you got something that made you so happy.

  3. ive never seen a ghostbusters film in my life (apart from the one with the all female cast which I enjoyed considering I had no connection to the originals) but seeing aaron so excited made this such an enjoyable watch

  4. If yall ever react to something I dont like, I usually still watch you guys watch it because sometimes it gives me a new perspective. just like this time! Loved this.