Godzilla vs. Kong Reaction

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  1. also what physics in real life says giant people, monsters etc need to move slow relative to us? thats bullshit otherwise people could easily avoid buildings collapsing or airplanes crashing on shit. thats not how its works. take a giant foot coming down at terminal velocity plus muscles forcing it down faster. ur fucked. if giant monsters always moved slowmo why do people die just run. u ever stomp on a spider pretty sure they didnt see it slow motion. and if they did then what does it matter they get squashed anyway. meaning they are moving fast relative to each other. there wasnt much humans under foot shots it was about the monsters perspective so in their perspective their definitely not moving slow, theres just shit in the way like if two people fought in a living room plenty of shit to break and slam someone into

    1. there is actually physics behind large bodies movement mostly to do with mechanical engineering (mechs in real life are a bitch to do the math for and yes we are designing mechs in real life) think they used some of that math on the first Pacific Rim
      but what there more meaning is with the speed that Godzilla and Kong are moving there’s no sense of weight behind them, they feel like wooden puppets on strings not a couple of hundred tons of mass moving around
      as they point out with the aircraft carrier there’s no consistency even with their weightlessness kong alone weight it halfway to the flight deck but then when Godzilla gets on it the displacement doesn’t seem to change all that much