Gravity Falls 1×17 Reaction

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  1. I know these guys will never read this but it has to be said. Lance Bass guest starring was a gift from Alex Hirsch to his sister, Ariel Hirsch, who was obsessed with Lance Bass at Mabel’s age. She jokingly suggested that he voice one of the characters. Alex told her, “We’ll get Lance Bass to do a voice and you can meet him” and ultimately kept his word.

  2. I looked into it and realized that band originates from a generic word for a group, not strictly for music groups. In fact, its older uses were most common for military or warrior groups (Mercenary Band, Band of Soldiers, BANDits). So anyone who claims that bands need instruments has pretty much no ground to stand on as the relation to music itself for the word is relatively new.

    1. And the origin of band referring to a musical group started in the military with bands of soldier who played instruments. So the term does originate with a group who play instrument and not just produce music.