Gravity Falls 1×20 Reaction

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  1. Great episode. Love the reaction. Sorry I can’t help with the ciphers. I do love that this is a show that can be enjoyed without the codes, but that you get bonus entertainment/information if you do put in the effort.

  2. Theres a cypher you guys missed in the transition from the attic to the stan reveal! keep an eye out on the brown wall/pipe/something and have fun in the general deciphering 😀

  3. There is a code on some pipes in one scene when the pan down to the basement and it says Bill is Watching. And to crack the code y’all were struggling with you have to use a combination of all 3 codes. So i think you first use A1Z26 cipher then atbash and then the Cesar cipher. And another fun fact their is game out which had a cipher