Gravity Falls 1×5 Reaction

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  1. There are specific cyphers that can be used to figure out the encryptions. But it’s not a universal one for all. Lol I don’t know if someone should tell them which ones to use.

    1. Yeah, for season one the first 6 episodes are one cipher, the next 7 a different one, the next 6 a third cipher and the final episode a combination of all three.

  2. I had to become a patron for this show. I’ll be curious to see how the end credit codes are handled. There’s a list of the answers here – but it’s definitely not spoiler safe. It would be cool if they figured it out themselves, but the answers tend to relate to the episode they’re in. So it might be best to have the answer for the corresponding episode when it’s fresh in ones mind.

    Anyway- Hope everyone’s enjoying the show!

  3. Well the thing is the chalk outline is only done when the person was alive and needed to be moved, it’s just done for crime scene perspective.

  4. This is my all time favorite show (besides anime perhaps) but it definitely my Dad’s favorite; it took a while to convince him to try it but he’s loved it ever since and now it’s his ringtone and he even has his great nephew and nieces call him Grunkle.

  5. The one problem with reacting to it fully blind years after it came out is trying to find a way to help them figure out the ciphers without outright giving them the answers to it. Literally the only way I found out was by other people online.