Gravity Falls 1×8 Reaction

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  1. please rhop, or whoever is editing these, let them know they’re missing the key in the intro to uncode everything. it’s not spoiling anything since they are actively looking for it anyways and don’t realize they’ve already missed it

  2. So the presidential key Dipper has does work, but it has conditions. First, it can only open locks made in America. Second, it can only open locks above a certain age. Basically it WAS able to open any lock in America at the time Quenton had it, but a lot has changed since then.

  3. Really hoping Rick stay’s enthusiastic through the rest of season 1!! Definitely someone should reach out to help them with the Ciphers without spoiling anything.

    Season 2 onward is going to be so fun!

  4. Hey question for everybody: has anyone deciphered the whisper in their Blindwave Falls intro? I’ll bet whoever put it together probably did something for it.

  5. To me, it sounds like “Entrance Blindwave” I know the first word is wrong, but that is the closest actual word I could fine. Blindwave was 100% though.