Gravity Falls 2×1 Reaction

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  1. Going back I barely rewatch stuff from Season 1 because this one is such a step up!
    The bodies being everywhere got explained in the real life journal but it’s tied into stuff from a later episode.

  2. I think an image, like a page of the journal, with a code on it was supposed to show up at the end. I should happen on every episode of season 2.

  3. This may be my favorite intro to any blindwave video ever. This was fun to watch and I’m not even at the episode yet. I would love seeing full videos of you guys doing “homework.”

    1. So, I’ve never looked deep into the new cipher for season 2, but now I am and oh my good, this is ridiculous. Rick has it right, what the new one is, but finding the “Key” in the episodes is insane.

      1. At least they’re easy to identify as your just looking for a word under a key symbol. Of course actuallly spotting them is a whole different ballgame.

    2. And my “definitely” was in reply to it being your favorite intro ever/wanting to see them do more “homework”. When hitting reply it put it underneath your other comment (just so no confusion lol)

  4. there’s a reason for all the bodies in the woods!! it’s alluded to in a future episode and then stated point blank in the real life copy of journal 3 that you can buy 🙂

  5. Something great about this show is that Alex Hersh made sure every episode had some kind of character development. Some episodes are little cliche than others but still

  6. Considering how many dangerous monsters roam the woods of Gravity Falls, it wouldn’t surprise me if the place was littered with bodies of past settlers and tourists alike.