Gravity Falls 2×10 Reaction

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  1. Woohoo! We’re here! This was actually the first episode I sat down and watched, and it was as it was premiering too. Loved it so much I went and binged the whole show before the next one, which isn’t as impressive as it sounds since there was a bunch of hiatuses happening at this point, so I had plenty of time. Anyway, point is I love Gravity Falls!

  2. Eric is right! The zombies from s2e1 are the lumberfolk who died during the building of the Northwest mansion. Their graves were swept down the hill in the mudslide!

    1. This is gold. I was laughing so hard during that key search. It was definitly my favorite one 😂
      From Aaron shouting “Mustard!” to Rick questioning the lightning till the end when they found it at 3:30! So good. I love how dedicated you are ♥️

  3. So guess this is the episode you guys mentioned on your podcast took you watching 3+ times to find the key. Makes sense. The letters were tiny. There’s still some hard to find key words down the line but they do get easier in the next few episodes.

  4. This episode completed my favorite character dynamic between Pacifica and the twins. Mable’s friendly and accepting attitude is just what Pacifica needed to open up and start listening to people outside of her elite circle.

    Dipper on the other hand, is hard on Pacifica. He is willing to point out every flaw in her character, and encourage her to change herself for the better. They’re just the tag team duo that Pacifica needed.

    On an unrelated note, I absolutely think Dipper and Pacifica would be great together.

  5. I’m pretty sure that this is the episode that the shapeshifter said that would be dippers final moments with the way he screamed and froze.

  6. If you go back to the episode with the shape shifter, the final form he takes, the form Dipper takes when he dies is the same form Dipper takes when he’s turned to wood!

  7. I’ve watched this episode quite a few times over the years, but i still want to yell every time dipper brushes off mcgucket at the end. No one ever listens to him!! WHY does no one ever listen to him?! Lol yall in for a treat next episode. Also I hope there’s a way for the guys to watch the stan and mcgucket puppet shorts during the second half of the season