Gravity Falls 2×12 Reaction

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  1. First thing you need to know about Ford’s trip through the multiverse, he knows Rick Sanchez! It’s actually canon that Ford knows Rick and even traveled with him for some time. Possible as a member of Rick’s band of rebels with the likes of Bird-person and Squanchy.

  2. It Is implied that ford knows about the memory gun because of his trip threw portal (also with the wording where did you get one of these implieing there is multiple of them)

  3. The backwards audio said by Fiddleford is the same thing he said in his memories in the episode, “Society of the Blind Eye.” “Yroo xrksvi!” Girzmtov!” I hope y’all can recognize that.

  4. the things that mcgucket said here when reversed (which u did) is the same thing he says in his memories at the end when he does a triangle over his eye

  5. I don’t know if the guys see these comments, but — so, okay, the baby. Undoubtedly meant by the writers, originally, to be Shermie Pines, Dipper and Mabel’s grandfather. Problem: in the scene in the principal’s office, there’s a portrait of President Richard Nixon on the wall. Which means that the Stan twins’ senior year can be no earlier than 1969. Meanwhile, most people assume that this takes place in the summer of 2012 (when the show started). That’s 30 years between the baby (about 1 year old?), and Dipper and Mabel’s birth — and we’re supposed to get 2 generations in there?

    So either we have 2 generations of teen pregnancy (both Shermie and his son – their father – would have to be about 15-16 when they had a kid); or, Shermie is a MUCH OLDER brother, already out of the house by the time we see the Stans as little kids, and that baby is Shermie’s son (whom Ma Pines is babysitting.)

    Alex Hirsch has been asked about this several times, and has always refused to answer. But, I think at one point he admitted that he refuses to answer because the writers later realized they’d made a math error, so they’re just better off letting the fans believe whatever they want to believe about the baby.

    1. I seriously don’t know why they keep saying girl – Shermie is a boy and had a boy and that is Mabel and Dipper’s grandfather and father, respectively. Their last name is Pines – unless someone was progressive about taking last names, then they are related through the men. Drives me a bit crazy. I gave up on the years and ages early on as I realized it didn’t seem to work and it’s a cartoon with too many other awesome things happening.