Gravity Falls 2×13 Reaction

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  1. The more I (32) grow older the more I feel like, most things I like, I only know about because they became popular enough that I barely could’ve had the chance of not hearing about them. I feel like subconsciously, I like them only because everybody likes them for the most part. Gravity Falls, I luckily discovered completely on my own without having heard anything about it before. And each episode gave me the same joy I had when watching toons as a child. And considering that I’m emotionally a pretty reserved type of guy today made this series have a special place in my heart. I really really wish I could rewatch it for the first time, therefore let me tell you, there are not many episodes left, enjoy them the best you can 😀

  2. I literally looked at the shot where I knew the key was and it took me like a half a minute to actually see it because the shading… can’t believe you found it so quick… truly impressive.