Gravity Falls 2×15 Reaction

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  1. the end whisper says im still here remember it was giving u hints to the codes and now its like “im still here” even though it isnt helping u

  2. God I hope when the series, they react to the Gravity Falls Bonus Features (if they have the DVD, or someone sent them the DVD) because there’s so much info that Alex and the crew talk about with this show that I think they should check out. Or at least the “Between the Pines” special

  3. Kaiju literally translates to “strange creature” it actually has nothing to do with size. We tend to think of kaiju as giant monsters like Godzilla, but technically the more accurate name for these things would be daikaiju, “great strange creature” So the power rangers megazord is not a kaiju, because it’s a robot not a creature (except for the handful of seasons where the megazord is alive) and unicorns are kaiju. They are literally strange creatures.