Gravity Falls 2×16 Reaction

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  1. So, a few comments about this one.
    1. I agree with Noobsrock341, least favorite episode. That said, a 6/10 is still pretty solid. You guys were correct in putting Gravity Falls at S-Tier. When your “worst” episode is still better than entire other shows, you’ve done something right.
    2. I said this on Patreon, I’m gonna say it here, and I’ll probably say it in the future as well; When you get to Season 2 Episode 20, please watch it and “21” together. They were originally designed and aired as one episode, only split in two for the sake of reruns, and that’s how it’s presented on Disney+. If you watch them separately, you’re not going to be able to solve any ciphers for 20 until after you also watch “21.”
    3. You guys were 100% correct in the guess of Stan’s marriage to Marilyn being a Vegas wedding. That said, please hold onto that name for the sake of a reaction I hope will be coming shortly after Gravity Falls, as that’s a little piece of lore than does canonically tie in to another series.
    4. I’m excited for next week, as this is the last breather episode (I’m not calling it filler, that’s not what it is, there’s no such thing as filler in this show) and the story goes hard from next episode onward.

    1. I guess I should’ve finished the reaction before posting my comment.
      5. Old Goldie is the name of the horrifying pan-handler statue from the Giffany episode that Stan took to Vegas in the credits.

    2. I can already pretty much guarantee that they won’t watch 20 and 21 together. Eric decided to not watch the Lost season finales as one episode, even though he knows they belong together, and that’s a show he already knows. They rarely take these kinds of recommendations.

  2. I just hope that if they watch episode 20, it’s a version with the hidden message at the end of the episode.

    Also, people here are being coy about Marilyn so I guess I will too. All I’ll say is she robbed Stan of his money and car once they were married and it’s heavily speculated she was a fan favorite in a currently run I think Disney show.

  3. I think this episode was supposed to take place at the beginning of this season, which makes sense, considering Ford isn’t mentioned and Dipper has gone back to obsessing over Wendy, even though he had come to a realization over in episode 8.

  4. The underwater park is in Austria – Styria, it’s named “Grüner See” means green lake. It happens in summer when the snow melts, the more it snowed in winter the bigger the lake gets and because it is snowmelt from the alps it is then crystal clear.