Gravity Falls 2×17 Reaction

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  1. i dont wanna say goodbye but at the same time id pay a hundred bucks to watch the next 3 eps in a row lel. Im so excited to see yalls reaction to the best series finale of all time

  2. Today’s just so wonderful, I feel like chuckling. I feel all fuzzy inside like a duckling… full of tarantulas, and not that I’m here, tonight, its gonna get WEIRD!

  3. I wish they would learn not to talk at certain parts. The general silence broken up by a few otherworldly sounds and panicked screams during the credits is an exceptionally chilling and effective moment…but of course the moment credits appear I guess it means we need to talk. Such a shame.

    1. Hardly the worse thing for them to miss out on in a reaction. It’s cool, but I wouldn’t say it’s “a shame” when they still seemed engaged and entertained with literally every other aspect of the episode’s events

    2. I watched along with Full Length and they didn’t talk during the credits till it was over. they just cut it out here on YT and what you see here at the end is them going back and getting the code. Eric and Aron comment on the screaming and helicopters in the background during it