Gravity Falls 2×18 Reaction

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  1. Never Surprised when Calvin says something wrong with 100% confidence. In case i need to clarify, NO, you can NOT breath to your Ears, can’t believe i have to say this

  2. Eric’s right, Preston likely did physically abuse Pacifica while the bell was sounding so Pacifica would associate that sound with pain. Its a rather cruel way of training animals. It’s probably the darkest thing this show implied.

  3. The talking head was originally voiced by Louis CK. After the allegations, Alex Hirsch went in and dubbed over his lines. That’s why the head looks like Louis CK which I’m surprised you guys didn’t catch.

  4. It amazes me that after all this time solving all these puzzles and cyphers they’ve never noticed or followed up on the Bill symbol ring

  5. Time Baby will reassemble his molecules in 3012, the year the all-knowing mailbox said the world would end. That’s also the future Dipper and Mabel saw during “The Time Traveler’s Pig.”