Gravity Falls 2×21 Reaction

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  1. Last one. Thank you so much for reacting to this, wanted it for so long. And now been surprised on the home page with so many Batman Animated episodes!!! It just keeps getting better and better.

    I was thinking of cancelling my patronage due to money managing… but this is too tempting and you have pulled me right back in! haha

  2. 1. During Bill’s death scene, there is a backwards message that you guys missed (I’ll let you guys find it on your own).
    2. The stone statue of Bill is the start of an IRL scavenger hunt which has already been completed.
    3. The keyword “axolotl” has some larger significance.
    4. There’s a special the disney channel did called “Between the Pines” that I would highly recommend watching.

  3. The “found footage” of the Bill statue you see in the end is actually the first hint of a real life, worldwide ARG hint-hunt the creator of GF launched a couple months after the finale to find the location of the actual statue. It was super immersive and lasted a while actually, clues started with ciphered hints on twitter for the first location, but spanned on to include going to a church in Russia, looking for a Bill graffiti, finding a jigsaw puzzle on the other side of the world with the next hint, etc… The anticipation GF fans felt every day waiting for someone to decipher the latest hint was truly something else.

    Might be too late but as I’ve commented before in another GF post, I sure hope you guys do a special video or even a stream to read through the whole hunt’s wiki page that explains every step and how it was solved or try to go through it yourselves somehow without looking at the answers, or watch a Youtube video on it, “blameitonjorge” has a good one. It’s super ambitious and would be fun to see the crew go through it!

  4. first id like to say, thank you for watching this show! i loved everyone of your reactions! and i know stan getting his memories back so fast was kind too quick but in the Journal three book ( i forget what page) but im pretty sure it talks about the memory Ray in greater detail and how its possible to get peoples memories back. and i just got to say again thank you so much for watching this amazing show!

  5. My god what a great show I’ve still yet to find a kids show that has hit me as hard as Gravity Falls. These reactions have been amazing and some of the most fun I’ve had watching a show with you guys but alas all good things must come to an end.

  6. Love the show and y’all reaction, I was so happy when y’all started doing to cyphers cause i’ve not seen any other reaction channel do that. definately will be join the podcast. Hope y’all stay safe and get better soon with this virus

  7. I don’t think it’s too strange that Stan got his memories back. McGucket regained sanity slowly after being exposed to videos of memories he’d forgotten, same thing applies here but probably even more so. Stan has his family around, not only to show snapshots but even potentially explain the context of the memories.

    1. Yeah, it’s so interesting how, in the moment, a lot of the audience forgets about the example of McGucket regaining his memories. (In-story, Ford’s conviction that there’s nothing they can do makes sense; he knew about the memory gun, but he never directly saw anyone regain their memories.) The thing is, we were also shown that McGucket used it on himself A LOT OF TIMES (that whole video progression as he descends into madness, from using it over and over). And that episode also kind of told us that a lot of the townsfolk have had it used on them repeatedly, too, and that’s why they’re all so weird (and dumb). In contrast, Stan had it used on him once, and they pretty much started to help him regain his memories within hours.

      I do get why people think it was “too fast”. I think that was just a function of how much they had to cram into the episode. Alex Hirsch said that they considered leaving Stan without his memories, but he didn’t want to end it on a downer note like that. After all, it’s ultimately a show for kids; which doesn’t mean it HAS to have a “happy ending”, but he wanted it to end with Dipper and Mabel learning a bittersweet lesson about appreciating the moment and moving on and growing up — “Summer Ends”. That would have been completely overshadowed by a tragedy like Stan losing his memories for good.

      In Journal 3, they specify that it took the whole week for Stan to “completely” regain his memories, so although he remembered Waddles and Soos’s names, it didn’t all come back instantly. Even within the confines of what a viewer could know watching the episode, though, it’s internally consistent with what the show established.

      1. now that’s a profile picture I havent seen in a long time… (I was on tumblr in 2018 under the url pineque) An honor as always to read your thoughts about gravity falls, Eregyrn. I always forget that blind wave is actually quite popular and there are other people besides me watching their reactions

  8. There’s so much post content I’d love for you guys to get into. The Cipher Hunt as mentioned. Would love a live read of the journals. Would also want you guys to read or watch on YouTube the dub of Lost Legends, a comic book of Gravity Falls released a few years after the series. Definitely would be interested in a character or episode ranking by you guys. Glad you all enjoyed the show!

  9. Forgot about the S&P tweets that were released for the 10 year anniversary. There’s probably a video that compiled all the back and forth Alex Hirsch released on the show.

  10. you know, I could’ve sworn in the original airing of the episode, during the end scene melanie (soos’s gf) was shown inside of a laptop/tv screen no? I mean it would make sense at the time cus she said she was going back to portland right?

  11. I grew up with gravity falls, I was probably around 12 when the show ended and it’s likely my first memory I can think of Where I got emotional. I cried like a little baby when it ended and I still do all these years later

  12. Man Gravity Falls was such a wonderful ride! Really hope that one day they’ll react to Owl House considering how much the two seem to overlap thematically. Either way this has been a great reaction series and I’m so happy to have been along for the ride.