Gravity Falls 2×3 Reaction

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  1. the fact that the Big Henry sequence wasn’t even in the original script, the storyboard artists just did it for fun and it made the final cut, makes it so much better lmfaooo!!

    1. The key word, at least for these first 3 episodes, is found written somewhere eon screen right next to a picture of a key. In this episodes it’s on the outside wall of the castle just after they drive through the gate with the swinging axes

  2. These are the “easy” key words too. Some down the line I have no idea how people spotted them.

    Let’s just say the letters of a keyword might be spread across the screen to hide the word. The crew really tested their fans with these Easter eggs.

  3. such a great episode, starts to give Pacifica more development, great humor (in my opinion), and the “remember Henry is such an iconic random moment for this show. Love it

  4. I was listening to this on my car Bluetooth and when y’all yelled “THERES A KEY!” my eardrums exploded and swerved?. One of my all time fav episodes!

  5. The hunt for key work continues. I kinda wish it was wieners ?
    Also Ricks “It’s working” was so funny ? remainded me of Anakin in TPM