Gurren Lagann 21 Reaction

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Comment (2)

  1. Rossiu’s main problem is that he’s Wrong Genre Savvy. He thinks he’s in a more logical based giant mecha show, where science, logic, and planning will win the day. However, Gurren Lagann doesn’t operate under those rules, so he’s constantly at a disadvantage.

    He’s also a Well Intentioned Extremist, with the emphasis on ‘Well Intentioned.’ Everything Rossiu has done was his best efforts to save as many people as he could. He didn’t do it just so he could have power, or because he was jealous of Simon; in his own way, Rossiu is trying his best.

    And those are some really good points about Yoko. Yes, she’s very much there for the fanservice, but there’s a lot more to her character than just her looks. So yes, it’s very gratuitous, but I usually don’t mind it too much, because Yoko does more than just look pretty.