Gurren Lagann 25 Reaction

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  1. No joke, I’ve saved one of my friends from committing suicide by telling him to watch this show all the way. I just told him that ‘we are made much more than to fall to our own negative emotions’ btw he never seen anime b4. Now, he is married with kids and has gurren lagan collection in his office at work.

    Do the impossible, see the invisible, Row Row Fight the power!

  2. Enjoyed the callback to Kamina from Kittan as he launched towards the enemy when he said, “I’m not going to say something showy like, ‘Later, Buddy’ or something like that”, which were Kamina’s last words to Simon. So good.

  3. In fairness to Yoko, she didn’t kiss either Kamina or Kittan.

    They kissed her.

    Rest in peace, Kittan. You may have felt that you could never measure up to Kamina, but I would say that you did.