Gurren Lagann 27 Reaction

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  1. Thank you Blind Wave for enjoying only one of the best animes of all time, and my personal favorite show ever. It is the king of hype, but it’s also a show with so much heart, passion, and ample amounts of fun. Thank you thank you thank you for this reaction series, and I hopenthis show changes your life just how it changed mine.

  2. and Now you see why I said this changed my life. in my worst times I fell into what Lordgenome had. But seeing him fight to the last end for others. an top of other anime heroes has stopped me from ending my own life on many occasions.

  3. Every time I watch the scene with him jumping out of each mech to get that final blow, I can’t help but feel like they missed a great opportunity for “LETS SEE YOU GRIT THOSE TEETH!”

  4. Sub or Dub..these guys better at least watch the movies on their own time if not a reaction.

    ..Simon saying “Let’s Go Buddy” with a smile last episode as he carrys Kamina with him in his heart & soul…as a reference to like how Kamina said “Later Buddy” with a smile on his face as he left his legacy to Simon on his death…and Simon to carry it out…

  5. Watch 2 movies!
    There is a big surprise at the end of Lagann-Hen movie!
    I know this is a remake of the entire show but… guys have to see that big surprise!

  6. Maaaaan this really makes me miss the TRUE final confrontation between Simon and the Anti-Spiral in the movie, as well as everything leading up to it. I think all I’d need to say to convince them is: “they get bigger”.
    No Dub though unfortunately, so not happening. A man can dream though