Haikyuu 3×9 Reaction

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  1. The “All Japan” team that the anime refers to is Youth Japanese national team. And the Youth National teams usually have an age limit (e.g. Under-18s only)

    Think Soccer; American soccer players are playing for teams all around the world, however when the World Cup comes around, the best American players join up to form the US Mens National Team. For a Youth National Team, its the same deal, except all the players have to be under 21, or under 18, etc.

    In the anime they are referring to being selected for the Youth level Japan National Team (rather than the adult Mens Japan National Team).

    Ushiwaka is good enough to have been called up to Youth Japan’s selection for being one of the best Japanese players in his age group.

    Youth Japan might be preparing to enter a tournament to play against other countries, hence why Ushiwaka has been called up to play for Youth Japan.