Harley Quinn 1×9 Reaction

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  1. I already liked the show but this episode definitely elevated it up for me as one of my favorites. I love that despite all the comedy there is a very good, ongoing serious story going on, with Harley facing hardship and consequences that actually matter to her character, as they’ll need to lasting character exploration and growth. I felt so bad for her as she’s just falling through air in the fetal position, with even Batman (as he should be written) sounding so sorry for her.

    And Joker…there’s a lot that’s revealed later that shows all this was part of a big plan, but honestly, the main reason it feels like he did all of this was just to prove to Harley, and possibly himself as well, that he still had all that power over her. Joker, in most incarnations, hates being unimportant and he’s only so focused on Harley now because she’s trying to have a life that doesn’t revolve around him. He treated her like shit and proved without a doubt he never loved her, but just a few nice words during a romantic evening and she came running right back. He didn’t actually care about getting her back, thus the shove out of the helicopter. He just wanted to prove that he was still the center of her universe.