Harley Quinn 2×13 Reaction

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  1. Harley’s Accent: She was raised in Jersey and has a Jersey accent when associated with her family. She has daddy issues and the Joker brings that psychological connection to her family. So when she around certain elements, the accent comes out (a regression to a former self). When’s she’s moving forward, away from that family life, her speech improves (albeit still vulgar)

    Kite Man: His name is Charlie Brown. There are two things he has as identity markers: Kites and an abusive relationship via a football. Lucy constantly lies to him and tells Charlie she won’t move the football when he tries to kick it, but she always does and he always ends up on his ass. Hence, Kite Man will always be a dupe and take the abuse.

  2. While the series could (and originally was going to) end here, I’m really glad it’s getting a third season. Not only because it’s a good show but I am just so sick of shows, especially anime and animated series, sending the entire series building up to two characters getting together, having them hook up at the very end, and then showing NOTHING of their actual relationship afterwards. Maybe we get an epilogue years in the future that shows they had kids, if we’re lucky.

    It’s just annoys me because relationships can be interesting. Two people as a romantic couple can be interesting. You set this thing up, so now you need to have appropriate payoff. The build up to Harley and Ivy’s relationship was great. Now I actually want to see it and what comes next with it!

  3. Actually, that wasn’t Tim Burton. At 8:14 (which you guys missed because you were all laughing, Catwoman said “Gary, let’s get out of here.” So that isn’t Tim Burton. That’s a guy named Gary who looks like Tim Burton.

  4. They confirmed a third season will be coming to HBO Max.

    I was happy that Kite Man ended things. Even though it was sad I liked how even the comedic relief character who is the butt of jokes got this great moment where he realized he deserved better than this and rightfully ended things with Ivy. Great character growth on his part.

    With Ivy I also think she just didn’t trust Harley. Remember they have been friends for years and as we saw during the two seasons of the show so far that Harley can be selfish, take people for granted, be fickle, and her own worst enemy. I think Ivy felt Harley wanted to be with her now, but might change her mind later or that she would be a bad partner. Kite Man for all his faults was considerate of Ivy’s feelings and was someone she was comfortable with. On paper Kite Man sounded like the better choice. I think after the kiss Ivy realized she had feelings for Harley and was gravitating towards her more. When Harley actually came in to save the day showing she was growing as a person and Kite Man breaking up with Ivy she decided to follow her feelings and confess to Harley.