Harley Quinn 2×3 Reaction

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  1. Vanessa was not the love interest, that was Karen, I will remember for one scene when she is trapped with her friend turned ghoul. “Karen!…Karen!!!”

  2. Sanaa Lathan is very well known in the black community for years now as one of many talented actors that missed out on roles early in their career because of discrimination in casting that we’re still dealing with today. Just has a spotlight on it now for the great actors coming up in this generation. You can listen to an interview to hear the proper pronunciation of her first name, Aaron.

  3. No spoilers but looking back, it is kind of ironic that Harley gave Kite Man the best advice he could have gotten in regards to his and Ivy’s relationship: make like their slow cooker and let that sh*t simmer. Advice neither he nor Ivy followed.