Harley Quinn 2×7 Reaction

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  1. im not white and mayo is the best condiment. i make my own spicy mayo and spicy brown tumeric mustard mayo. also buy peri peri mayo from nandos which is mm mmm good! put it on everything thats not pasta lol. meats, veggies, sandwiches/burgers, and potatoes/fries

  2. The defensive Aaron shrug, the” other countries like Aioli which is the same thing” omg it’s really not though. Mayo is missing that garlic, olive oil, mustard, and lemon juice aka flavor. hahaha Happy Holidays that whole part discussing mayo was just too funny

  3. This was one of my favorite season 2 episodes. Jim the story edged out Pit Prison story, even though I liked the prison storyline. It was great to see Jim build himself back up after his daughter revealed she was Batgirl and told him he inspired her.