Harley Quinn 2×8 Reaction

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  1. I forget sometimes that they didn’t watch the justice league show or possibly even the Superman animated show. It was great hearing iron side voice darkseid again.

  2. Michael Ironside’s basically the Mark Hamill of Darkseids. He voiced him in Superman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited too.

    1. I think the only other DC show the saw is Young Justice and Mister Miracle never appeared in it. And I think when it comes to the DC comics lore, they’re mostly versed in the Batman mythos. It’d be cool if this trio continues with other shows.

  3. i only know one mister miracle and that is the one in this episode: scott free. son of highfather but raised by darkseid as darkseid’s son was raised by high father so he’s essentially a god prince and darkseid’s adoptive son

  4. I would love if these three react to a DCAU show like Superman or Batman. I think they would enjoy it and get to meet more DC characters one at a time, as oppose to Young Justice which introduces a lot of them at once.