House of the Dragon 1×2 Reaction

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  1. i have no reluctance for this show, but so far. eh episode one and 2 were too slow no real good characters or different characters. no exciting plot. GoT episode 1 hooked me. not too much random words of information. which this episode one mentioned a whole lot that didnt sound familiar but maybe sounded familiar but i couldnt quite grasp the situation of the realm. episode one of GoT had all of that and more. its just going much slower in plot, no good characters that make me root for them, and nothing really shocking to hook me. maybe if u know the books its a bit better but i dont even feel like its an earlier 7 kingdoms, but a bunch of kingdoms/ nations or territories that havent formed the 7 yet, but that hasnt been shown or told. and not nearly enough tits to keep me interested enough to just say fuck it i’ll pick up the connections later lol. over all its been boring and making me pay attention to things that dont feel like the old/ technically newer realm. it feels like avatar the last airbender (easy to digest and hooks u) vs korra (too connected but not enough). like the starks barely got mention, what about the other 7 major houses, do they exist now or no? i dont know because their not helping make it clear. i guess the driftwood lord family died out, but where they ever mentioned in GoT? if not, why not, they already had this book they should have thrown some more past facts out. i dont know it just feels so disconnected to me but overhyped, because theres more dragons or magic maybe

    1. Its a slow burn, they know they dont need to prove themselves so they are letting the story unfold rather than rushing it and cutting corners like GoT often did. It would make no sense for them to constantly bring up and link things to a completely seperate story seperated by centuries. It isn’t a telling of the formation of the kingdoms/houses, it is about the house of the dragon. I am sure we will see more of the world as the story progesses but it would make no sense to put loads of facts and connections to places/people that are irrelevant to whats happening.